Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grand Opening Success

What an incredible day! I'm at a loss for words, really. Perfection. I couldn't have asked for a better Grand Opening for my lil' business. The kindness, generosity and support from so many people in my life, brought me to tears on more than one occasion today. Today's turnout was amazing and I was surrounded by people that believe in me. How wonderful is that? If it weren't for being absolutely exhausted and spent, I'd dance around a little. 

Here's a few memories from today...

A "sweet bar" was the choice of menu:

 (Yes, those are the red velvet cupcakes I posted about a few blogs ago.)

Needless, to say it was a huge hit!

Fresh flowers were in great supply...

The studio smelled amazing. I don't think I'll ever have to worry about that. Yummy sachet's in the dressers, coconut candles in the candelabra and fresh flowers. 

I think one of the most touching parts of my Grand Opening was the toasts. The kind and thoughtful words from friends, family and customers was so touching. My dear friend, Deanna, kicked it off with a very touching toast.

Toasting my Dainty Button team. 

I had a hard time deciding how to make the Grand Opening even more memorable and unique. So, my desk became my "guest book". Those sawhorses were perfect for what I had in mind. 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Well, let me just say that I didn't cry. Ha! It was fun. A good friend of mine made sure protocol was followed, which to be honest, is not that fancy. But it was a very memorable moment in the event. Too bad my pictures didn't turn out more clear.

And last, but most certainly not least, the final touches on the studio...

This was my first idea when I started brainstorming my studio. A cute shabby table when guests first walked in with fresh flowers and business cards. 

My desk area. Perfection! I'm missing my incredible clock, my mom picked up for me, but it'll give me something to add this next week. The teacup idea was my mom's, as well.

My calendar

This Paris picture took us 45 minutes to hang. No lie. It's not being moved anywhere! The little picture below it is a cute ruffly material print, we put in the frame.

This would be the shipping/packaging table area. Those three boxes have my muslin hand stamped bags in two (depending on size) and the top has the ties, leaves and business cards. Cute and serves a purpose.

It was also used as merchandise space on the day's grand opening...

This happens to be my most favorite part of the studio. Everything about it. 

Again, space was used on the day of the Grand Opening.

The shabby chic buffet table. Remember the craiglist find?

The candelabra with the coconut candles. I chose blue to bring out the blue bids, as well as the fabric cabinet and china plates on the wall (in above picture).

Yesterday was an incredible day. I don't ever want to forget it. I saved this picture for the end because it holds a special place in my heart. Some of you that follow me, know me personally, some of you don't. And some, also know I'm a Christian. Minister's daughter, in fact. I believe in the power of prayer. My prayer throughout my business has been "This is Your's, Lord. You gave me every talent that I have.". I have always remembered to keep God the center of everything. It's hard to do, alot of times when your life is busy and the overwhelming need to see to each and every detail of a business. But, I've learned that if you "seek ye first", everything will wall into place. I credit every blessing and my fast growing success to the Maker of it all. Jesus. So, it was without question, that I would ask that my place of business be dedicated and blessed. My dad was going to do the honors, but he had a trip that he was unable to get out of. So, I asked the second individual that I strongly admire, respect and look up to. My church's pastor, Scott Benoit. It was a special moment and the sweet peace and presence of our Savior was felt by all.

And, with these parting words, I now must get myself ready for Sunday. Thank you for following along the excitement adventure of my studio makeover. It's been so much fun! I hope you enjoy it all and thank you, thank, thank you for your support of my business. Continue to follow along as great things happen at Dainty Button! To another great year ahead!

Charity @ Dainty Button

~ xoxo


  1. So amazing! What an amazing event to cherish always! We haven't met in person, but girl I'm so proud of you! Congratulations on having your own space let alone a business that is thriving and a dream come true profession. May the Lord keep blessing you.

    From one skirt girl to another, congrats girl!

  2. So beautiful and well planned!! I could eat a cupcake right now.:). I love your desk and am soooo happy you got it all done!
    Blessings to you and your Dainty Button!


  3. Congratulations! It turned out soo very beautiful!

  4. Wow! Everything looks so nice! All of the worry and heartache were definitely worth the finished product. What an amazing accomplishment in such a short space of time. Congratulations on putting together a beautiful and successful grand opening! I just wish I could have had just one of those cupcakes....Ha!

  5. Congratulations! It all turned out so pretty!

  6. It all turned out so lively Charity! So So happy for what God has worked out in your life. It looks like it was a successful day! We havent seen your best yet I just know it!