Thursday, January 3, 2013

Transitional Closing...

I'm not sure why I thought I could close a 3 year business down in just a few days, especially right after the Christmas rush and during the post Christmas rush. Wow! If you have been following us, you're somewhat aware that business is closing. I made this announcement in November and since that time I have tried to prepare myself for this but unfortunately it's much easier said or though, than done. I am swamped daily and at times more than once from the same customers about pending orders, post Christmas refunds/exchanges and in a frenzy that they will be forgotten before we close. This is in the middle of us trying to get rid of inventory and tying up all other loose ends. It's very difficult to truly communicate just how busy it gets and when emails are not answered the same day, there is a very good reason. I felt this post was extremely important about the pending closing and what will be transpiring within the next few days and hopefully many questions will be answered. I will be very transparent and honest pertaining many different areas. Here goes...

Business was supposed to officially close on the 31st of December however that has not been the case. I announced in November that I was closing business because I needed to focus on personal goals in my life. I have been scrambling and trying to get business taken care of before today. Why today? I started a new job today. I gave my new employer a commitment and date that I would be able to start. They have been extremely patient as I've tried tying up loose ends and as they wanted me to begin this new job in December, I was not able to. I'll be honest, I'm extremely stressed at this current time. I have an obligation to my customers to close things on a good note and I also have a commitment and obligation to my new employer. So, now what? 

My intent was to have the "going out of business" sale yesterday and today and then be done with it. Ha! What was I smoking? It's not that easy and 3 years worth of inventory, well it's a process. Here is what I decided to do and I believe everybody will be happy with this resolution. I will be tying up all loose ends between now and January 11th. What loose ends? Refunds/exchanges, pending orders, customer service issues, clearing out inventory, etc. This time allows me to work my new job and still resolve business within a time frame that is realistic. I am not perfect when it comes to customer service and spread very thin, regardless how busy. That being said, I want to make sure I leave on good terms with my customers. I owe you that. I want to make sure orders are complete, refunds/exchanges are taken care of, communication is clear, and all other customer service issues are resolved. 

During this time PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE understand that patience is key. I cannot answer emails right away nor tend to every single issue at the drop of a hat. I am doing my very, very best to meet each and every customers needs in addition to day to day tasks relating to this closeout. It's a very hectic time. No customer will be forgotten or neglected before we close on the 11th. Emails will be answered but maybe not right away. I ask that you please take into consideration and refrain from posting on FB updates or photo's customer service issues. I like to keep these issues via email or PM. 

We have already been posting inventory and there is still MUCH, MUCH more. I will not give a schedule or time as to when these items will post because I'm not very good at keeping to a strict schedule and as my intentions and motives are good in the beginning, I get extremely busy and forget. I will announce via update prior to when items will post to give everybody a heads up. I have yet to go through our entire inventory so I assure you, there is plenty to get rid of. Wahoo! I will be posting daily from now until January 9th.

Regarding our POP UP SALES...

We always get the faithful few that return every sale and I'm really grateful for that. We also get a lot of newcomers every sale and as I do put policies on the invoices, they're not always viewed, so I figured I would reiterate these rules and guidelines.

Our POP UP SALES have usually taken place every couple weeks, sometimes weekly and always a huge hit, as well as fun. These items are first come first serve. Unless an item is open inventory, it's limited and invoices are issued to the first that comment. Because of this, there is a time window to take care of the invoice which is 12 hours. I have extended it to 24 hours in the past but right now as getting rid of inventory is key, the time window to pay is 12 hours. Currently in this sale ALL items are READY TO SHIP within 24 hours of paying the invoice. That's amazing compared to our normal turnaround. I try to get invoices issued as soon as possible but they're normally not issued until that evening or possibly the next morning if it was an evening sale.

After January 11th...

As of Monday, January 14th, I will continue to sale scarves, pocket squares, and the occasional headbands. This is going to be purely hobby and all items will be already made and ready to ship. I will stock items, list what is available in our etsy shop and website at the beginning of the month, promote it on FB and it will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Whatever is left over from inventory that month, I will post on FB in a monthly POP UP SALE. I will then repeat this process each month. This is a way to continue offering items to customers and future clientele, while enjoying it as a hobby and staying connected to all of you wonderful fans.

I will not be handling an customer service issues after January 14th from previous purchases, which is another reason why I've extended dissolving this until the 11th, as I need this time to make sure issues are reconciled.

Thanks for your time in reading this and I will see you in the next few days as we liquidate more merchandise!

Charity and DB Team

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Coming 2013

Well, the time has come to bid Dainty Button goodbye. I have tried preparing myself for this since announcing business closing in November but it's still very bittersweet. I've reflected so much on the past 3 years and what I could've done differently but as my momma says "You can't live with regrets, only move forward.", so that's what I'm doing. Moving forward. I've definitely rethought my decision several times but I'm always reminded of why I chose this and I know I'm doing the right thing. As I prepare to complete the closing process, I feel it very necessary to communicate with our followers and clientele as much as possible, which is why I'm posting this blog and will be doing a lot of communicating via social media in the next two weeks. Originally our close date was December 31st, which is still sorta the same date. I say "sorta" because there is a lot more involved in closing a business than just saying "goodbye" and "see ya later." The Christmas holiday rush literally left myself and team exhausted. It was such a great season but very tiring and we did happen to oversell stock which left us in a bit of a pickle in the days leading up to Christmas. A huge thank you to all of our very understanding customers that made that dilemma less stressful. I do have some good news for those DB lovers that are sad to see us go. We are introducing a little spin off of the original Dainty Button, LLC....

This will be a collection you can purchase from our etsy shop and website. This will be scarves, pocket squares, and occasionally hair accessories. The great thing about this collection is it will be pre-stocked and ready to ship within 24 hours! Amazing, right? This will be a VERY limited collection, hence the new name but it's something I will be able to do as a fun hobby, while still offering merchandise to DB lovers. This collection will be available January 7th, 2013 on both sites. 

Until then...

I will be tying up loose ends such as customer service issues, last minute shipments, etc. We have already started going through inventory but we'll be completing that process and preparing for our "going out of business" sale. There is still A LOT of inventory that needs to go. This upcoming sale will have all pre-made items, which will ship out within 48 hours. ALL items will be FINAL SALE and non-refundable or exchangeable. We will be handling customer service issues from purchases made December 1st-31st, 2012 up through January 14th, 2013. We WILL NOT be handling any customer service issues or emails after January 14th, 2013. Please keep this in mind. I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the new year! Mark your calendars for our HUGE blowout "going out of business" sale!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Going, going, GONE!

I hadn't planned on this day coming until the end of December but with much contemplation and reviewing our record breaking sales over the weekend of black Friday and Cyber Monday, I'm going to have to do something that is a little premature to the dissolving process of Dainty Button.

For those that are aware of Dainty Button closing the doors of business as of January 1st, 2013 you will be able to relate to this a little more than newcomers. If you're new to DB or just hearing this you can read more info regarding this announcement earlier in November HERE. I had made the decision of closing my etsy shop during December 17-26 to spend the holidays with my family, then reopen on the 26th as we clear out all inventory before the December 31st close. This is still the plan however everything you'll be able to purchase during our "going out of business" sale will be READY TO SHIP. The reason for this is I made the decision to not go into 2013 with any pending transactions and all loose ends tied up, which means that I will need to cut off incoming holiday orders in the very near future to ensure this. My accessories take anywhere from 5-7 BUSINESS days to process and clothing takes up to 21 BUSINESS days to process and with December 17th being the last day we ship to receive by Christmas, I'm already over the deadline for clothing (November 19th) and the accessories  portion deadline is quickly approaching. If you include how well we did over the holiday weekend with black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, my team and I will be working around the clock to meet all deadlines. 

I am going to keep items listed in my etsy shop until Thursday, November 29th at 11:59 PM (PST). PLEASE NOTE: This is the last opportunity to purchase inventory FOR THE LAST TIME. 
I currently still have the cyber Monday 40% OFF code up in the shop and will remain to keep that there until tomorrow (11/29) so you can enjoy a good bargain for one last time.

As these next two days will be the last opportunity to purchase Dainty Button on a regular basis, I will remain to offer our infinity scarves throughout December, with the exception of our 12/17-26 close period along with men's pocket squares. I am keeping my etsy shop open as well as my Dainty Button website after the first of the year indefinitely for purely the enjoyment of it being a hobby ONLY and a fun way to make extra cash for a rainy day and a means to keep in contact with my social media fans and clientele. I will continue to offer a limited amount of our very popular infinity scarves and pocket squares at POP UP prices. See, I'm not falling of the face of the earth?  

You can still purchase select items on a limited basis...

Although this is bittersweet for me, I'm very excited about my future and the personal goals I'll be pursuing. You can still continue to follow me at, @daintybutton on Twitter, and @daintybuttonsf on Instagram where I have some fun plans to stay in contact with everybody after DB closes. As Dainty Button has served the means of being a full time (and a half) job for me the last 3 years, I'm happy to take a backseat, put it on cruise control and enjoy the crafting aspect of it as a fun hobby. 

Make sure you take advantage of purchasing inventory these next two days as they will be the last! And back by popular demand, don't miss this last POP UP SALE before Christmas!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I had hoped to get this posted last night but with the hustle bustle of the Thanksgiving holiday I was not. So, hopefully you'll have a moment in between Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers to peruse this blog post if you do happen to participate in the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. I don't typically blog about POP UP SALES prior to going live with one but this is going to be our biggest and last, so I figured this was as good of time as any to address some issues that do pop up (no pun intended) on our POP UP SALES. You can find details on why this will be our last POP UP SALE here and more information regarding the closing of Dainty Button here

Most web based businesses participate in Cyber Monday, so why are you doing Black Friday?

I have always done a Black Friday sale AND Cyber Monday sale for my customers. I'm not sure why but it works. There's two different crowds usually and the bargains are great. I did however contemplate nixing Black Friday and just combining everything into a Cyber Monday sale but I've been promoting both sales for about a month now and I decided to keep it as is. I am aware that having an online sale on Black Friday while everybody is out fighting for deals is not the smartest thing but there are some that don't enjoy the madness of Black Friday and I also set the sale at a late enough time in the evening that most should be home and relaxing. Or in the ER. 

Our POP UP SALES have always been a great success and have come with few complications however issues do arise and I have to address them. Here's a few that I feel need to be gone over prior to the sale and also a few revisions to the rules.

POP UP SALES are first come first serve:

My POP UP SALES are not an auction sale as the price is already set however the invoice does go to the first that comments. If there's 7 available obviously there's ONLY 7 and I can ONLY issue invoices to the first 7 that comment. 


Invoices are subject to change:

I have come across this issue a few times and for the most part, customers are pretty understanding however some have not been. My items have always been made to order with the exception of a few items. This includes the POP UP SALES. This will change after December 31st, which is discussed in the blog info given above. I go through inventory, which means that I measure out how many scarves I can offer and provide, pre-cut. Once I start cutting and sewing scarves, there might be blemishes in the material or measurements might not have been exact, which would be subject to the invoice changing. This is not a case of me being dishonest in sales but a simple oversight. I have done my very best to inform customers when this happens and I'll be honest, there's been a few times it's slipped my attention to detail and I've been very good about exchanging the item or issuing a refund if that happens, however I do try to catch this prior to shipping. Please note that invoices are subject to change if we have oversold or there are defects in the material.

Invoices must be paid within a certain time frame:

I have tried to give ample time for customers to take care of invoices. It used to be 24 hours but on items that have had several comments, it has evolved into a 3-5 day process and slowed things up significantly. I changed the time frame to 12 HOURS. I try my best to get invoices issued ASAP but depending on how busy the day is, I may not get around to it right away. I kindly ask that the invoice be paid within the 12 hour time frame given. If the invoices have been issued at night, I do try and give a little extra time considering most are sleeping half of that 12 hours. If you've commented on an item during a POP UP SALE, I encourage you to check your inbox regularly for an invoice to arrive. I do also try and comment on FB when I've distributed invoices.

**If the sale takes place in the evening, I try and get invoices out the following morning.
**If the sale takes place during the day, I try and get the invoices out by the end of the night.

***Invoices for the Black Friday POP UP SALE will be issued sometime Saturday, November 24th. There is no set time.

Invoices will not be revised upon customer's request, with the exception of it being my error:

This has happened a few times and I made an exception because it was not something that was in the rules and it was the first time it had happened, but I want to cover this prior to this sale because it did create a halt in production. If you are not sure about an item in a POP UP SALE PLEASE do not comment. We issue invoices to those that comment and if you're not sure about it, then the chances are you're not going to take care of the invoice, which means that it's a waste of time for me to distribute an invoice and also PayPal fees accrue. There are several others that want these items and it's not fair to casually comment with no intent of following through. If you're on a budget during a sale, please keep that in mind when you're commenting. I understand that sometimes you're a little surprised upon seeing the "damage", especially when you've commented on several items but to go in and revise invoices because you did not budget correctly or you've changed your mind really does take a lot of extra time. If the invoice consists of errors on my part, I will be more than happy to revise the invoice. Comment with caution.

Shipping is combined:

I'm often asked this question by newcomers to these sales. YES, shipping is combined on multiple items.


I'll be honest, mistakes have happened during these sales. Items have been shipped incorrectly, defects, missing items, etc. The sales are very big and with dozens of invoices coming in and going out, oversights are going to happen. I do try and correct these and prevent them from happening. If I'm responsible for shipping the incorrect item(s), the item is defected, or the item is delayed and it's not been shipped yet, I will issue a refund. However, if you do receive the correct item and there are no defects, there are no refunds issued. These items are at a very great bargain price. If we were to offer refunds and exchanges on a whim, it would be pointless, to be honest with you. If the item is a skirt or other item, exceptions can be made however it is subject to my decision.

About my infinity scarves:

My infinity scarves come in different sizes. If you happen to purchase more than one and try and measure them up, chances are they may not be the exact size. This is normal and the nature of handmade items. They're not cookie cutter scarves. Fabric dimensions are different and I do measure scarves on the weight of the fabric. If it's a heavy knit, The scarf will not be as big as more lightweight scarves simply because nobody likes to wear a blanket around their neck. Lightweight scarves are bigger because they're lightweight and nobody likes to wear a string around their neck as a scarf. There's no need to be alarmed if this happens, as it's completely normal for them to be different sizes.

Shipping Turnaround:

I do include the shipping turnaround in invoices, which is normally 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS (not including holidays/weekends) after the invoice is taken care of. 

What's going to be in the Black Friday SALE?

Infinity Scarves (men, women, and children)
Miscellaneous READY TO SHIP items that are in stock.

What's going to be in the Cyber Monday sale and how is it different than the Black Friday sale?

My Cyber Monday sale is on my etsy shop and website on Cyber Monday, which falls on November 26th this year. The sale will go live at 8 AM (PST) and last until 11:59 PM (PST). I will provide a coupon code via social media and also on my website and etsy shop announcement. This coupon code is applied at checkout. This year we are providing 40%-60% OFF items and FREE SHIPPING. This does include items that you would not find in a POP UP SALE, such as our current Fall Collection, headbands, bow ties, little girls leggings, etc. 


Clothing (women and children's) is NOT GUARANTEED to arrive by Christmas as our Christmas deadline was November 19th. Accessories (headbands, scarves, bow ties, pocket squares, shoe clips, etc.) WILL BE GUARANTEED to arrive by Christmas. We will do our very best to try and get items out in time to receive by Christmas but again, it's not guaranteed as I am short staffed, my production manager will be going out of the country for the holiday season and I currently have a lot to tie up before my December 31st closing.  

I hope I have communicated details with you as clearly as possible. I'm very excited about these two sales as we have some great items to offer at bargain prices. The rest of the holiday season is a great time to stay close to our etsy shop, website and social media outlets, as I'm clearing out all inventory, including fabric. My heart is so full with how wonderful my customers have been the last 3 years. This truly has been the adventure of a lifetime and I'm so blessed. I pray you and yours has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. God bless you!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What to expect after December 31st, 2012.

I feel like I've addressed this a million times since I announced I would be closing my business but I feel it necessary to mention again and knowing I have a concrete plan on my future, I can let my customers and fans know what you can expect after December 31st, 2012.

I love crafting and always have. I will continue crafting and offering it to my customers and fans on a very limited basis. I can't say that I'm hanging up my hat where crafting is concerned but the business aspect, I am. My POP UP SALES have been a HUGE success and a lot of fun for customers since I started them in April, however they are a bit more time consuming than I'd like. Here is what I have decided to do which I believe will be beneficial to both parties, as I can enjoy it as a hobby and you can enjoy the fruits of my hobby. I'm dedicating one weekend a month to produce a month's supply of infinity scarves for men, women, and children and list them in my etsy shop. I will promote these via social media at the same price as POP UP prices. The advantage you will have purchasing from etsy versus a POP UP SALE are these:

1. Your purchase is guaranteed, secure, and you can track it.
2. There is no fighting over an item. You simply click, purchase, and it ships.
3. The turnaround will be much quicker.
4. You're getting the item for the same price as a POP UP SALE.
5. You don't have to stay glued to the computer waiting for the item to list, antsy to be the first to comment.

This is much easier for me as well, considering it takes a lot of time to issue invoices, some customers don't pay their invoices, which means new invoices must be reissued and that involves more time. Also, I have been known to accidentally overlook an invoice because of the very high volume of sales that come through during the POP UP SALES and it essentially leads to even more problems. Just trying to make us all happy at the end of the day. The great part about this is I will already produce what is listed and they will ship within 24 hours. How awesome is that? 

In the meantime, there is roughly 6 weeks to purchase what is currently listed in my etsy shop and on the website. Also, we have three large sales approaching quickly that you don't want to miss!

Until next time!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Million $ Question: Will I ever be able to buy Dainty Button Again?

If you're reading this blog and have no idea what I'm talking about, chances are you did not read this blog. As of January 1st, 2013, we are closing our doors of business. This was a very hard decision to make but one that was very much needed, as I'm taking time to pursue personal goals in my life and start a new chapter. A new chapter where, unfortunately, my little business will not be able to be a character. A few questions I've received pertaining the closing of the business that I wanted to cover.

Will I ever be able to buy Dainty Button again?

Yes and no. I'm dissolving the LLC aspect of Dainty Button where it runs as a fully functional California licensed business, HOWEVER, you will not be able to purchase on a regular basis and ONLY SELECT ITEMS. Here are possible times you can purchase, but not guaranteed. Times I will offer small select items will entirely depend upon my schedule and what I have time for.

1. My etsy shop will be open the first weekend of the month to purchase small, select items, HOWEVER, it will be a limited supply of inventory.
2. I will have a FB POP UP SALE occasionally. This allows me to still enjoy the crafting aspect of it, not tie myself down to working 12-14 hours a day, the stressful burden of being married to a business, while still offering others my talents.
4. Occasional seasonal times (but not guaranteed).
3. Occasionally at conferences/markets when time permits.

What will happen to social media? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram?

We're not going anywhere. We will obtain the name Dainty Button as this was the name before it became an official LLC business in 2010. I'm keeping all social media outlets live and active for the following purposes.

1. Blogging, DIY's, social interaction with fans and clientele, etc.

I started Dainty Button off as a means to extra cash and for the pure enjoyment of an outlet to exercise my crafting talents. That's it. I still want to offer these items to fans and clientele but unfortunately I cannot offer these on a full time basis, not even part time basis, which is why I will offer select items occasionally, mentioned above. 

PLEASE NOTE: The only items I will offer as mentioned above will be accessory items, NOT clothing. 

The advantage of this...

Because I will only be offering items occasionally, ALL ITEMS will be READY TO SHIP and no longer MADE TO ORDER. Items will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase! Now, that's something to be happy about!

I hope questions were answered and although this is very bittersweet, I'm very excited about the future! I would take advantage between now and January 1st to stock up as you will not be able to after the first of the year. Here are events that you might find to your liking...


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dainty Button Bids Adieu

I thought that if this day ever came I wouldn't be able to face it with a strong mindset, but surprisingly I am rather calm and have full confidence in what I'm about to write. I'm not sure how these sort of things are supposed to be properly approached but I do know I owe my customers, social media fans, friends, and family the proper Dainty Button farewell. 

I started Dainty Button as a hobby almost 3 years ago. I think most of you know this story but if you don't, here's the short version, it took off and became what I call my accidental business. The past 3 years have been the most adventurous, stressful, overwhelming, exciting, achieving, and wonderful 3 years of my life. If you've ever or currently own your own business, you can fully relate to this. The time, tears, frustration, money, and sacrifice that I have invested into this business would blow your mind. I have lived for my company for 3 years and that is why I must bid adieu. I have not lived for myself, but my business. My life has revolved around my business. Vacations have been put off, quality time spent with family and friends has been scarce, and the hours of sleep I have lost, well, I'm too ashamed to even tell people. Why not hire help? I have and currently do have help, however that does not stop me from putting in more hours. My average day consists of 12-14 hour days. There comes a point when a chapter ends in one's life and it's time for a new one and that time has come for me.

When I made DB a legalized LLC I gave it to God. I told God that DB was His and if He ever wanted it back, it was His. Needless did I know that He would hold me to that promise. I have neglected so many important areas of my life the past 3 years. I have prolonged finishing my degree, slacked off on many other areas, my children's book has been delayed a year, which will finally be published next month, have had health issues, and spread myself so very thin, I have found myself on the floor bawling my eyes out, so exhausted, I can't even think straight...on numerous occasions. Important things have slipped through the cracks and I feel like I'm letting others down, including myself. God is not happy with that and I don't deserve to live a life that completely drains me.

I love what I do and God sometimes asks for the biggest part of your life, to see if you will sacrifice it. I have been tossing this decision around for weeks, if not months, and finding myself over the weekend, once again, on the floor of my sewing room, so exhausted and spent, sobbing, I asked God what I should do. I am not one to say "God spoke to me" but I knew in my heart that He was asking for something that I have held so very close to my heart and it has become my identity, world, and the center of my focus. I have fought this for some time, but when God wants something He doesn't give up easily. This past weekend was my moment of brokenness and finally giving Him what He's been asking for and since then I have had such peace and reassurance with my decision. I cannot justify the time I've spent investing into my company because it far outweighs the time I've spent with family/friends, my church obligations and commitments, personal well being, and ultimately my Heavenly Father. In the process of building my own business, I have forgotten about myself. I gave something that God had blessed me with back to Him and I must now follow through with that promise. 

As of January 1st, 2013 I will be dissolving the official LLC of Dainty Button. I will be taking this time to pursue personal goals in my life. All of this broken down...

1. I will offer certain items twice a month via social media, where customers can purchase, such as our popular POP UP SALES.
2. Customers will occasionally be able to purchase merchandise at various conferences and crafting events. 
3. I will still offer my craftsmanship talents but purely as hobby and not as a business on etsy the first weekend of the month, in the form of small accessories.
4. Dainty Button will remain on social media to interact with fans, blogging purposes, and connect with other crafters, while retaining it's given name for identity purposes. 
5. Dainty Button, LLC will remain a full time business through the holiday season where you can currently purchase at Dainty Button Etsy and Dainty Button Website. These sites will remain open until January 1st, 2013.

 If you have not had a chance to purchase from Dainty Button or currently consider yourself a customer, I would take advantage of the next 6 weeks to purchase, as I will only offer items in the above mentioned format as of January 1st, 2013.

I cannot express the gratitude for the amazing support that customers have shown me the past 3 years. Customer service is never an easy field and trust me, I have had some very horrible experiences, but the good far outweighs the bad and it's been an honor to work with such amazing customers. If you've purchased from Dainty Button, thank you. That's all I can say, is thank you. I will be around, so you've not seen or heard the last of me and you will have opportunities in the future to purchase select items as mentioned above. So, let's not say "goodbye" but rather "I'll see you later." Let's have a wonderful holiday season and go out with a bang! 

Charity Morgan
Dainty Button Owner