Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What to expect after December 31st, 2012.

I feel like I've addressed this a million times since I announced I would be closing my business but I feel it necessary to mention again and knowing I have a concrete plan on my future, I can let my customers and fans know what you can expect after December 31st, 2012.

I love crafting and always have. I will continue crafting and offering it to my customers and fans on a very limited basis. I can't say that I'm hanging up my hat where crafting is concerned but the business aspect, I am. My POP UP SALES have been a HUGE success and a lot of fun for customers since I started them in April, however they are a bit more time consuming than I'd like. Here is what I have decided to do which I believe will be beneficial to both parties, as I can enjoy it as a hobby and you can enjoy the fruits of my hobby. I'm dedicating one weekend a month to produce a month's supply of infinity scarves for men, women, and children and list them in my etsy shop. I will promote these via social media at the same price as POP UP prices. The advantage you will have purchasing from etsy versus a POP UP SALE are these:

1. Your purchase is guaranteed, secure, and you can track it.
2. There is no fighting over an item. You simply click, purchase, and it ships.
3. The turnaround will be much quicker.
4. You're getting the item for the same price as a POP UP SALE.
5. You don't have to stay glued to the computer waiting for the item to list, antsy to be the first to comment.

This is much easier for me as well, considering it takes a lot of time to issue invoices, some customers don't pay their invoices, which means new invoices must be reissued and that involves more time. Also, I have been known to accidentally overlook an invoice because of the very high volume of sales that come through during the POP UP SALES and it essentially leads to even more problems. Just trying to make us all happy at the end of the day. The great part about this is I will already produce what is listed and they will ship within 24 hours. How awesome is that? 

In the meantime, there is roughly 6 weeks to purchase what is currently listed in my etsy shop and on the website. Also, we have three large sales approaching quickly that you don't want to miss!

Until next time!


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