Thursday, January 3, 2013

Transitional Closing...

I'm not sure why I thought I could close a 3 year business down in just a few days, especially right after the Christmas rush and during the post Christmas rush. Wow! If you have been following us, you're somewhat aware that business is closing. I made this announcement in November and since that time I have tried to prepare myself for this but unfortunately it's much easier said or though, than done. I am swamped daily and at times more than once from the same customers about pending orders, post Christmas refunds/exchanges and in a frenzy that they will be forgotten before we close. This is in the middle of us trying to get rid of inventory and tying up all other loose ends. It's very difficult to truly communicate just how busy it gets and when emails are not answered the same day, there is a very good reason. I felt this post was extremely important about the pending closing and what will be transpiring within the next few days and hopefully many questions will be answered. I will be very transparent and honest pertaining many different areas. Here goes...

Business was supposed to officially close on the 31st of December however that has not been the case. I announced in November that I was closing business because I needed to focus on personal goals in my life. I have been scrambling and trying to get business taken care of before today. Why today? I started a new job today. I gave my new employer a commitment and date that I would be able to start. They have been extremely patient as I've tried tying up loose ends and as they wanted me to begin this new job in December, I was not able to. I'll be honest, I'm extremely stressed at this current time. I have an obligation to my customers to close things on a good note and I also have a commitment and obligation to my new employer. So, now what? 

My intent was to have the "going out of business" sale yesterday and today and then be done with it. Ha! What was I smoking? It's not that easy and 3 years worth of inventory, well it's a process. Here is what I decided to do and I believe everybody will be happy with this resolution. I will be tying up all loose ends between now and January 11th. What loose ends? Refunds/exchanges, pending orders, customer service issues, clearing out inventory, etc. This time allows me to work my new job and still resolve business within a time frame that is realistic. I am not perfect when it comes to customer service and spread very thin, regardless how busy. That being said, I want to make sure I leave on good terms with my customers. I owe you that. I want to make sure orders are complete, refunds/exchanges are taken care of, communication is clear, and all other customer service issues are resolved. 

During this time PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE understand that patience is key. I cannot answer emails right away nor tend to every single issue at the drop of a hat. I am doing my very, very best to meet each and every customers needs in addition to day to day tasks relating to this closeout. It's a very hectic time. No customer will be forgotten or neglected before we close on the 11th. Emails will be answered but maybe not right away. I ask that you please take into consideration and refrain from posting on FB updates or photo's customer service issues. I like to keep these issues via email or PM. 

We have already been posting inventory and there is still MUCH, MUCH more. I will not give a schedule or time as to when these items will post because I'm not very good at keeping to a strict schedule and as my intentions and motives are good in the beginning, I get extremely busy and forget. I will announce via update prior to when items will post to give everybody a heads up. I have yet to go through our entire inventory so I assure you, there is plenty to get rid of. Wahoo! I will be posting daily from now until January 9th.

Regarding our POP UP SALES...

We always get the faithful few that return every sale and I'm really grateful for that. We also get a lot of newcomers every sale and as I do put policies on the invoices, they're not always viewed, so I figured I would reiterate these rules and guidelines.

Our POP UP SALES have usually taken place every couple weeks, sometimes weekly and always a huge hit, as well as fun. These items are first come first serve. Unless an item is open inventory, it's limited and invoices are issued to the first that comment. Because of this, there is a time window to take care of the invoice which is 12 hours. I have extended it to 24 hours in the past but right now as getting rid of inventory is key, the time window to pay is 12 hours. Currently in this sale ALL items are READY TO SHIP within 24 hours of paying the invoice. That's amazing compared to our normal turnaround. I try to get invoices issued as soon as possible but they're normally not issued until that evening or possibly the next morning if it was an evening sale.

After January 11th...

As of Monday, January 14th, I will continue to sale scarves, pocket squares, and the occasional headbands. This is going to be purely hobby and all items will be already made and ready to ship. I will stock items, list what is available in our etsy shop and website at the beginning of the month, promote it on FB and it will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Whatever is left over from inventory that month, I will post on FB in a monthly POP UP SALE. I will then repeat this process each month. This is a way to continue offering items to customers and future clientele, while enjoying it as a hobby and staying connected to all of you wonderful fans.

I will not be handling an customer service issues after January 14th from previous purchases, which is another reason why I've extended dissolving this until the 11th, as I need this time to make sure issues are reconciled.

Thanks for your time in reading this and I will see you in the next few days as we liquidate more merchandise!

Charity and DB Team


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