Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Happy Birthday Giveaway

First, let me say a HUGE "thank you" to everybody that participated in this fun lil' giveaway. It's been alot of fun sharing this adventure with you and I really hope you still choose to read along and share it with me, the rest of the way : )

That being said, I love giveaways. I began doing giveaways from the very beginning of my business because they're alot of fun, a great way to promote your business and I'm very giving to a fault. At times, my friends and family tell me I'm too kind. I don't think there's a such thing as "too kind". I'm not one that believes in karma, although I do believe every word of the good Book and I strongly believe that you are treated, as you treat others. Kindness does come back around. Ok, totally getting off the subject, here. I love giving, therefore giveaways will ALWAYS be a big deal with Dainty Button.

This giveaway was so hard, because I would love to give everybody an opportunity to win, but unfortunately, I can't : (

My assistant came over this morning to help me choose the winner and based on our tallying, the lucky winner of the "Happy Birthday" Giveaway is...

Stacey Merriman!

Sorry, Stacey! I found this on your facebook page and couldn't resist : )

Stacey will receive a $50 shopping spree etsy credit in my shop, monthly, for an ENTIRE YEAR, in celebration and commemoration of Dainty Button's "1 year birthday".

Thank you ladies for participating! I've had much fun! I will continue blogging about this wonderful makeover process! In the meantime, enjoy your day and don't forget about Dainty Button's etsy Birthday Celebration today! The entire shop is 35% OFF! Type in promo code, "daintybutton1" and receive your savings at checkout!

Charity @ Dainty Button

~ xoxo


  1. I am so happy I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!!! I am spinning in my office chair and little girl and staring at me and asking if im sick!!! Thank you SOOOOOO Much Charity! This is the most amazing giveaway ever. I want to to whatever I can to help with you business! You just say the word girl! ;P

  2. Okay, in my excitement there were way to many grammatical errors in the above post! Read between the lines ;P

  3. Haha! I'm glad you're so happy about it! Congrats! I'll email you in a bit to give you details : )

  4. Congratulations Stacey!!! Thank you Charity for the fun!;)

  5. Stacey, that is so awesome! Merchandise for an entire year!!! And I thought I was excited about my two DB's lol!