Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organize, Smorganize

I woke up today feeling so motivated to just clean things out. Professionally at the studio, since that obviously is what I'm currently blogging about, but also mentally, personally and even spiritually. I try to keep things in my life, somewhat organized, but I'll admit it can be a little difficult when life in general is just, crazy. I'm learning that organization really does make life easier. I not only run a business, I'm over our church's children's ministry, children's choir, on the Ladies Ministry committee and oversee special church events and holiday banquets, as well as help organize the "College and Career" Ministry events. I'm a Christian, if you haven't picked up on that yet : ) So, an assistant is much needed, as well as a task manager in my phone at all times. Ok, getting a little off subject, here. Back to organization.

I started my business in my home, as most of you know. I utilized every possible space that my family allowed me to. Some, they didn't allow, but if they didn't say anything, I took advantage of it. When I got the new studio, it was at the beginning of December, right in the middle of the holiday rush, and my team and I, literally just picked up everything out of my home, stuck it in the van and took it to the new studio. No boxes, no pre-packing, nothing. Classy, I know. The advantage to this, is I didn't have to pack and unpack boxes. Ha!

Now, I currently have just containers, bags, bins, little boxes and those little plastic roll cabinets. Oh, and sandwich bags. If you thought my business and life are perfect, think again! Haha! Obviously, all of the above is adios, as I prepare to shelve and store everything in coordination with the studio's theme. My day began with this...

Scary, overwhelming and enough to make me want to cry. See, everything was around the perimeters of the studio, but with our painting job last night, we had to move everything to the middle of the room. I don't think there was anything living under this pile. Where to begin?! I was able to start putting things back around the perimeter, so we could actually walk. 

My assistant came in and if you knew her, she's an "out of sight, out of mind" type person. So, I gave her the honors. I guess I won't know it's gone until I need it? We, well she, got everything sorted and made a little progress...

And to think this is about half of the material in stock. Eeek!

So, now comes the fun part. Trying to figure out how I'm going to shelve and store all of this, while sticking to the studio theme. Here's a few ideas I'm playing with...

I currently have a couple large bookshelves that an assortment of something like this might work...

It looks like another thrifting day is in order. 

Totally off the shelving subject, but I'm also playing around with these ideas...

I'm thinking of a vintage style dressing room area for deco purposes, only?

This could be a permanent fixture, but I'm thinking deco for the Grand Opening?

A few Grand Opening ideas, I'm also playing around with...

Refreshment table a lil' something like this...

Or this...

I like the array of dishes with this, but not hip on the table and backdrop.

I like the vintage look of this scene, but not crazy about the floral arrangement. Digging this table, though. 

My mom is letting me borrow a set of these for lemon water and mint water...

I've decided to go with this deco for the studio entry. A small table of sorts, with an arrangement of this. I'm thinking this could possibly be a permanent fixture?.....

Or something like this, minus the wall....

As you can see, lots of work cut out for me. I'm enjoying this very much, but so ready to see the finished product!

Good night, everyone!

Charity @ Dainty Button

~ xoxo


  1. I do not envy all that organizing you have ahead of you! Good luck with it all...can't wait for pics of the finished room! :)

  2. Oh but those are all the fun decisions! So are you making this a retail space along with your work studio? Lol I'm too messy of a designer, once I get on a roll EVERYTHING comes out. Nothing feels better than a truly organized studio though. It makes me want to dig in and create!

  3. I am up browsing and searching about logo design...and cheking I caught the entry! Yay!
    What a pile...I would be so overwhelmed about now, but it looks like you are making good progress. I just took my "before" pictures tonight for our shop. Very exciting!

  4. Oh I LOVE the water jug and the wicker cabinets! It's going to look so good when your all done!!!

  5. First off Happy Birthday Dainty Button and secondly wow ! You have alot to do in such a short time, but it appears you have great help ! It has been lots of fun to watch over this passed year and see all the lil and big blessings that God has bestowed upon you ! :) Once again I love all your decor choices, and whatever you choose I am more than sure will look gorgeous !

  6. LOVe the water jugs and the green table set up! Organizing all this stuff looks like so much fun..Probably because I'm not the one doing it! :) Can't wait to see the end result!

  7. I have amazing friends. (you, for example)

  8. wish I lived up north to go the day you open , but deff a stop place for me when I go up north in March.I love those hangers .

  9. OCD kicked in bad when I saw the first picture. Then I saw everything in organized stacks and was like whew! LOL! Designers and artists I think work better when there is a little mess. No mess, no creativity ha! Which in this case it is just moving, but really who wants to pack and then immediately have to unpack boxes!!! I love the rustic table for the setup and the flowers in the clear vases are prob my fave. Happy B-day DB. I will def continue to follow now that I know there is a blog and watch the progress. Reading other people's blogs when I have time is my fav!

  10. Like the wicker table....and the green table but I'm with u not caring for the arrangement. And also the water pitcher with flowers..u could always have some fresh ones in there.....readyto c the finished product.

  11. Dessert tables/bars are so popular these days! Check out a blog called WhipperBerry... They have amazing ideas for dessert tables! You will have to video a virtual tour of the studio for those of us who can't attend the grand opening.

  12. I love the idea of the cookie jars for the grand opening! And wow all that organizing, you have certainly been busy!!

  13. ~ Super excited to see the "after" pictures!

  14. Love all the ideas! Can't wait to see what you choose and the pics of the new studio!

  15. I <3 all the open house ideas! Everything is looking great!!

  16. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  17. It all looks wonderful! I really like the jars with paper on ribbon for the refreshment table and also the vases with single flowers. Hate to say it, but I feel so much better about my disorganized self after seeing and reading this,lol!! Good luck, I am sure whatever you choose will be beautiful!

  18. It will all come together! All the disorganization will be a distant memory!