Friday, March 18, 2011

Giveaway Winners!

And so here we are again! Anybody having fun yet? I sure am! This is exciting! I love doing giveaways! Over the span of 4 days, we've almost reached 1,000 fans on our facebook page, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU GUYS! That's so awesome! Thank you!

And so here are the winners of this most recent "share a photo" giveaway.

Yesterday, I posted this picture...

Red Velvet Garden

There were over "250" shares on this photo. That's alot!

According to, the lucky winner of these ONE OF A KIND lil' pretty's is...

Well, Susanna, your bajillionth try finally paid off! Haha!

Congrats! : )

I also posted this darling picture from our Lil' Dainty Button Collection, which is modeled by a very dear friends daughter, Livy. Such a cutie, isn't she?

Spring's Fairy

According to, our lucky winner is...

Congrats to Christina!

And for the gentleman, from our black & white Line...

I posted this picture of my lil' boy model, Ian...

Lil' Boy Blue

This is perfect for Spring and Easter!

According to, the winner is...

Congrats to Julie!

And last, but definitely not least, I posted this picture modeled by my model, Chris, which by the way iS NOT included in the purchase. Haha! Several people asked me this yesterday, jokingly (I think?). Ha! 

The Black Skinny Tie

According to, the winner is....

Congrats to Amber!

To the winners:

I will email you by the end of the day, to collect shipping addresses and give you details regarding your win. Congrats to everybody! Thank you so much for participating!

You guys ready for another giveaway?

Here we go again...

I originally decided to choose items only from the new Easter Collection, but I've switched it up a bit. Shoes seem to be a huge hit for you ladies. And so, yep you got it! It's a shoe giveaway again! These darling shoes happen to be the very first design I ever did. Just like the Red Velvet Garden shoes, these are no longer available for purchase in my etsy shop. I'm thinking about bringing them back. What do you guys think? They are classic black shoes, with lots of personality. 

Meet Lola....

And I decided to add a lil' something extra.

I'm throwing in...


I thought the two went together : )

And for the little girls...

Spring Pixie Dust

And for the lil' guys...

The Polka Dot Skinny Tie

And for the gentleman...

Spring Pink Skinny Tie


1. When the picture is posted by us on our fan page, click share under the photo, come back and comment that you shared.
2. One comment under each photo, due to the fact that these are quick giveaways.

Good luck and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Dainty Button

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