Saturday, March 19, 2011

Giveaway Winners and Last Giveaway

I think I could start writing these blogs with my eyes closed : )

Here we are again, announcing giveaway winners and introducing the last selection of giveaways. 

I'll quickly get through both.

Yesterday, I posted this picture...

Lacy Lola

According to, the lucky winner is...

Congrats to Amber!

I also added a lil' extra pretty, and posted this picture...


According, to, the lucky winner is...

Congrats to Lana! : )

From the Lil' Dainty Button Collection, I posted this picture...

Spring's Pixie Dust

According to, the lucky winner is...

Congrats to Jennifer! (Or Logan?)

From the black & white Collection, I posted this picture for the lil' guys...

The Green Polka Dot Skinny Tie

According to, the lucky winner is...

Congrats to Priscilla!

And for the men, from the black & white Collection, I posted this number...

Spring Pink Skinny Tie

According to, the winner is...

Congrats to Ashli!

Ready for the last giveaway?

It appears that shoes are the big hit, so I'm going to rewind back to our first picture of the week and offer these darling lovely's again...

Evelyn's Spring

And a hair accessory pick...


And for the lil' girls...

Lil' Spring Tango

For the lil' guys...

The Black Skinny Tie

And the men's selection...

The Spring Pink Bow Tie


I'm switching up the rules a little bit on this last round of giveaways. There are 4 opportunities for you to win:

1.When a picture is posted on the fan page wall, click "share" under the photo, come back and comment that you shared. Only ONE comment under each photo. ALL entry opportunities are closed once a new picture is posted. Any entries posted on an older photo will not count.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are participating in any of the black & white giveaways (boys/men), you MUST be a fan of that page. Entries made on the Dainty Button fan page will not count. We're trying to keep the ladies collection and men's collection, separate.

2. Share our fan page, come back and comment on our wall that you shared.

3. Follow our blog, share our blog with others, come back and comment under THIS blog post that you are following and you shared.

4. Follow us on twitter, share with others and tweet that you shared.

Feel free to participate in all or just one. Whatever is easier for you. Keep in mind, the more you participate in, the bigger your chances are at winning.

Another change to this round of giveaways is:

This round of giveaways will last until Monday, March 21st at 8 (PM) PST. The winners will be announced Tuesday, March 22nd, time TBA. 


Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

Dainty Button


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  6. My red-headed hubby is gonna look MARVELOUS in that Spring Pink Skinny Tie!!! AAAND I follow the blog & shared it (via email) with others!

  7. I also tweeted about the giveaway and mentioned you..Is that what you were wanting?