Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Give a Hand to Those in Need

How many besides me are just torn up over the Japan crisis? It's so sad! I've watched so many clips of coverage on the natural disaster and seen the devastating pictures, that it truly makes my heart hurt. I cannot imagine what it's like going through such a horrific ordeal. I pray my family and I are never faced with that crisis. Last week, I saw other businesses lending a hand and making donations and I immediately started thinking of ways that my lil' business could help. Obviously, I cannot give thousands or millions, but I can do whatever is within my reach and help. I threw some ideas around with friends and family over the weekend. I also posted something on our fan page last night and received some great suggestions from some of our fans. I personally, know of some missionaries in Japan, as well as friends that have family there. I want to help in any way that I can. Imagine you, being struck with this disaster, homeless, abandoned and your family torn apart. It's awful! 

Late last night, I spoke with a really close friend, that had a really great suggestion, along the lines that some of you suggested on facebook. I'm adding a little twist to this and want to rally as many people as I can to participate in this endeavor. I'm leaving my own personal gain, as a business owner out of this, as well as publicity reasons. Yes, I want the publicity for the right reasons, which is to raise money and help Japan.

Whether you're familiar with Dainty Button or not, we currently have a very popular, unique collection called, "It's a Wrap". This is an original design, in which I introduced last year. Each piece retails between $19-$21.50. If you're not familiar with this collection, here is a piece from the collection...

You can view the rest of our current collection in our etsy shop 

On March 29th, from 10 AM to 8 PM (PST), I will be selling one selection from the "It's a Wrap" Collection for $7, plus shipping. All proceeds will go towards the Red Cross. My assistants and myself are devoting our time, with no profit, whatsoever out of this, in order to help a nation, in need. Please keep in mind, this is less than half of retail and you will never get this price, even during our half off sales and during the holidays. Most importantly, it's going for a good cause.

Here's where I need your help!

Below, I'm listing 5 different "It's a Wrap" selections. I would like you to vote on your favorite choice. Whichever wrap has the most votes, will be our selection for March 29th at $7, plus shipping. Here's how voting works:

1. Vote daily, beginning today until Saturday, March 26th at 11:59 PM (PST).
2. Each day, I will post each selection on our fan page. By commenting "Cast my vote" on your pick, under the picture of your choice, your vote is counted. 
3. ANYBODY can vote!


And here are your choices...

Wrap #1
Lush Meadow Dreams

Wrap #2
Circa 1950

Wrap #3
Blushing Red Blossom

Wrap #4
Sunny Raindrops

Wrap #5
Midnight Blossom

Please note:

After purchasing, please provide 7 business days to ship, versus our 3-5 business days.

Voting begins now!

And one last lil' tidbit to leave you with...

How many of you have referred a friend or family member to Dainty Button and they've purchased something? I'm sure a lot of you have. I, personally know of some of our customers that have been loyal customers since we began and have referred TONS of other customers and that means so much to us. I try my best to show my gratitude with words, but I want to REALLY show my appreciation. And so, I was talking to my close friend last night, regarding this. They suggested a rewards type program for anybody that refers someone. Well, I had already been playing with the idea of rewarding those that I know have referred somebody, but why not make it fun for everybody? And give everybody the chance to refer someone. So, here's what we came up with.

Twice a year, I have a HUGE sale. The kind of sale where EVERYTHING in my shop is half off. These sales have been a very big success, but in all honesty, I cannot do them all the time, much to everybody asking. I just can't, I'm sorry. But what I can do, is offer them twice a year and let you have a chance to stock up on Dainty Button for a great price. Incredible price, actually. Our first big sale of the year is next month, as we close out our Spring inventory and bring in our Summer inventory. I have not decided upon a date yet, but it will probably be the end of April. Here's some info regarding the sale:

1. ONLY what is in inventory will be available in the sale. Meaning, if it's a back ordered item, limited or not in stock, it WILL NOT be part of the sale. So, if you've got your eye on a particular item, that does not necessarily mean it will be part of the sale. I will not know what will be in the sale until the week prior, at which I will give a sneak peek.
2. All items will have a 7 -10 business day turnaround after purchase, due to the high volume of orders that our sales bring in.

Here's the catch to our big SPRING SALE. You must be invited. There will be a coupon code that will access your discount at checkout. This code is only available in your "invite". So, how do you receive an invite? 

1. If you have referred someone in the past year and they have purchased something from us, you automatically receive an invite. This only applies to those that we have record of. If you've referred someone and they bought something, but we don't know that you referred them, it DOES NOT apply. How can we find out? If that individual would like to email us at and give us your name and our records indicate a purchase from them, you will get rewards for it, as well as them.
2. If you refer someone between now and the time the "invite" goes out, they purchase something in our etsy shop and put your name at checkout, you and them both receive an "invite". 

Does any of this make sense? Ha!

Bottom line. You must be "invited" to the big SPRING SALE, by referring someone, them buying and mentioning your name.

You can refer a friend or family member to our fan page on facebook:

Or our etsy shop:

Referrals are welcome at anytime and our "Refer a Friend" Rewards Program is effective immediately. Good luck and further details will be available regarding our SPRING SALE in the near future.

Hope everybody is having a wonderful week! 

Dainty Button