Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer 2012 Website Launch and Commercial Photo Shoot

I'm finally getting to share this amazing commercial photo shoot with you. I've been dying to for the past almost 3 weeks. I'm normally not a patient person, so this killed me and I hope you can see why.

Just a quick little history about Dainty Button's skirt collection. We started out as an accessories business in 2010 and in February my dear friend, Deana and I had a brainstorm to design and make a couple maxi skirts. I'll be honest, Deana is the brains behind the production and sewing of the maxi skirts more than I am. I just like to design and see all of my ideas come together. I never thought 2 simple maxi skirts would birth what you're currently seeing on this blog post. It has been the most wild and crazy ride since February. A couple months ago once I saw that I had something other than just a couple maxi skirts on my hand, I decided I either close up shop and focus on what Dainty Button started as or be legit about it. So, I scheduled a commercial photo shoot with Sam Hassas, who happens to be the best photographer I know. We created a complete Summer collection and I found the most amazing group of ladies to work with and model Dainty Button's skirt product. This photo shoot was so much fun. I can't really think of anything too bad that went wrong. The location was genius and so convenient and the pho dinner following topped off a wonderful day. I'm excited about our Fall set already!

Meet the wonderful ladies representing Dainty Button...

Our "go to" girl and Dainty Button's cover girl..

Heidi King

Breanna Lopez

Natasha Evans

Jana Campbell

Kaylynn Martin

And our little momma who was so gracious to model for us two weeks shy of delivery, modeling our Yellow Maxi Maternity, Christy Balcita...

To view the entire photo shoot gallery and our BRAND NEW website visit us at

Thanks for stopping by!

Charity and DB Team

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  1. Awesome! :) Love the photography & of course all of your products! :)