Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY: Mother's Day "Spa in a Bag": Segment 1 of 3

We have ANOTHER DIY video. I'll be upfront with you and let you know that we'll probably not do more than two of these a week, but Sunday is Mother's Day and I had a brilliant idea a couple days ago. Our church is giving a special gift to each mother on Sunday, which is "Spa in a Bag". This is a very simple and unique gift idea or even something you could enjoy for yourself. It's a "pamper yourself" treat and the great thing about it is it's inexpensive and budget friendly. I've broke this up in 3 DIY videos, so you'll get a treat each day until Friday. I hope that by Friday, you'll have a gift idea for Mother's Day or any other special occasion. Enjoy!

To view today's DIY tutorial, click below...

Charity and DB Team


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