Friday, May 6, 2011

The Juicy Details

Hello, hello! I'm writing this blog, half asleep, so I really hope it makes sense. The purpose of this blog, in particular, is to give you all the wonderful details on our upcoming Spring Sale in our etsy shop, this Monday, May 9th. You don't want to miss it!

I posted a previous blog about the sale, policies and such, which you can view here....

I've received many emails, asking if "such and such" headband or "such and such" bow tie will be on sale. Well, I'm going to try and help everybody out and give you an idea of what's going to be on sale, what's not and how big of a sale to expect. I can't list every item, considering we have over 100 items in our shop and if that was the case, you'd still be reading next week. Here we go...

Headbands (Traditional/Jersey Band)

All headbands will be on sale. Some (the older items) will be on sale at 50% off, the new items will be discounted between 10-20% off and some will practically be given away in our "Bargain Bin" : ) 

If it's a limited edition headband, there will, of course, be a limited amount on sale. If you've had your eye on something, I would not hesitate in waiting until the end of the day, on Monday. The sale begins at 7 AM (PST). Jump on it! 

It's a Wrap

Yes, the entire collection will be on sale. The majority of this collection will be 50% off, but could vary on some designs, which will be 10-20% off.

Shoe Clips

Most of this collection will be on sale. There are a couple designs that will not be on sale, due to limited designs, items, etc.


As much, as I would love to discount our Shoe Collection, I can't. I can offer FREE SHIPPING, though. During our Spring Sale, if you purchase a pair of shoes, you'll receive FREE SHIPPING!

Pendants, Clips, Brooches, Etc.

This entire collection will be on sale. Some at 50% off, some at 10-20% off.

Black & White by Dainty Button

Our fast growing boys and men collection will be discounted, but not the entire collection. Honestly, at this point, right now, I don't know what will be on sale and what will not. You can expect to find a lot of it discounted, though : )

Details, regarding our etsy shop:

Our etsy shop will be closing, Saturday morning, May 7th at 10 AM (PST) and re-open on Monday, May 9th at 7 AM (PST), when the Spring Sale begins. The shop is scheduled to close at 8 PM (PST). I did mention in our previous post that if our sale became insane, we would close the shop. This is not likely going to happen, but you can check the status on our facebook fan page throughout the day, as we'll post prior to this being the case.

Our etsy shop will be closed at 8 PM (PST), Monday, May 9th until Thursday morning, May 12th at 10 AM (PST). This is to allow us to get "back to normal", once the sale has ended and also prepare our shop for brand new Summer designs. PLEASE NOTE,  a lot of our pieces that are currently in the shop, will not be available after our Spring Sale. The new items and popular pieces, of course will, but a majority of them will not. Again, I wouldn't hesitate on this sale.

Dainty Button is expanding...

Coming next Friday...

The Swimwear Collection

Happily Ever After
The Wedding Collection

Join us Friday, as we unveil these two new collections and embark upon some exciting giveaways.

I hope you'll join us Monday, May 9th for our Spring SALE!

Charity @ Dainty Button

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