Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dainty Button Party and Sweets

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope yours wasn't too rough. It's chilly, rainy and foggy, here in San Francisco. Hasn't made for the most productive day, that's for sure. Well, I'm really excited to just jump in and introduce something really fun. But, first I need to rewind a little and explain the reason for this news, considering it might be in a left field, just a little.

A couple facts about me.

1. I love to decorate.
2. I love to organize and host parties.
3. I absolutely love to bake.

These random facts lead me to last week. My mom and I hosted my sister a baby shower for my nephew, who will be making his arrival this month. So excited! A year and a half ago, I catered for my sister's shower, for my niece, Zoe. It went over very well and kinda landed me a couple holiday catering party gigs, so to speak. Well, my mom and sister asked me to cater again, for my nephew's shower. It was a wonderful break from my daily grind in the headband factory and I remember just how much I absolutely love to bake. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to baking and catering of any kind. I'm huge on presentation and have my little secrets to different recipes. So, I thoroughly enjoyed catering for my nephew's shower. It was a nautical theme and here's a sneak peek...

Lots of fun, with this! Well, after the shower, I had many guests ask me if I catered. Ummm, yes and no. I woke up Friday morning, with a couple emails from random strangers who happened to be referred by guests at the shower, asking about catering and if I would be selling a special treat I had at the party. Cake pops. Yep, the very trendy and yummy treats that Starbucks has made famous. I had a few reservations about this but my friends and family strongly encouraged me over the weekend and I experimented a little bit. I had thought about doing it for those that specifically requested it, but hey, why not add it to my etsy shop? So, I've thought about this a lot over the weekend and have come up with something that I think will work with my little business and not appear to be in left field. If you've followed my business you know that it started off as ladies hair accessories, expanding to little girls, than expanding to a line for men and boys and our recent expansion, our wedding collection. All of these expansions have been a huge success. I've learned to really think ventures through and not just jump on something, just because it sounds fun. So, with a lot of brainstorming, thinking and praying. Yes, I take everything that I do, to the Lord in prayer. I've made the decision to add on a fun little collection.

Dainty Button Party and Sweets

This is mainly sweets, right now. I have included a fun party favor that I used at my nephew's shower and it was a huge hit. So, a little details about the sweets Dainty Button will offer. 

Cake Pops

Yes, this is a huge trend, right now. Yes, everybody's doing. No, my cake pops do not taste like everyone else's or Starbucks, for that matter. That might come off a little braggish, but I'm confident you're going to come back for more. Each cake pop has a theme and is made from scratch. I use the finest and freshest ingredients, a few organic. Dainty Button Cake Pops are fun, yummy and addicting. I am offering these in my etsy shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/DaintyButton?ref=si_shop, beginning Tuesday, July 12th. They will be available in quantities of a dozen, half a dozen and possibly in pairs. Details, pricing and flavors will be available in each listing. Head on over and scoop you up some! I promise, you're going to love them!

Princess Pops
Strawberry Cheesecake

Baby Boy Pops

Velveteen Rabbit
Carrot Cake

Party Pops
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Lady in Red
Red Velvet

Gimme S'more
S'more Cookie Dough

Oreo Pops

Cowboy Pops

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Candy Land

Teacher's Pet

Baby Pops
(It's a Girl/It's a Boy)

These are fun, simple and yummy little treats that I'm offering in my shop, as well. These are great party favors, treats and gifts to give to someone. I will be offering a variety of themes, to start off with and later adding more. Again, another little treat that's yummy!

Marshmallow Pops

If you like marshmallows, you'll love these! One flavor will be available in our shop tomorrow, along with the rest of Dainty Button Sweets. Another wonderful party favor idea, little gift or treat for yourself!

Rocky Road

Do you follow us on Twitter? Do you like us on Facebook? If not, make sure you do! Giveaways, this entire week on all this yummy goodness! Check in daily for a new giveaway, each day, beginning Tuesday, July 12th!

Did you gain any weight just be drooling? Hope not! Head on over and treat yourself!

Dainty Button

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