Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catch Me if You Can!

Not really sure why I chose this title, but it seems like I'm always on the run and trying to catch up. Hmmm. Anyways : )

I haven't blogged in quite some time, due to many, many reasons. I can't believe summer is almost over and we're preparing for fall. Yikes! I honestly, couldn't be happier about this. Fall, winter and the holidays are my favorite seasons. So, I'm over here chanting "Come on fall! Come on fall! Come on fall!". Ok, I'm sure you get the drift.

How has everybody's summer been? It's gone by so quick, I'm not sure what all I did. Such a blur. So, let's catch up with Dainty Button!


If you've been following my blog and our facebook page, you might know that my sister was expecting this summer. Notice, I said "was" : ). She gave birth to the most precious little boy on Saturday, July 30th in San Francisco. Jude Truman Hogue. I thought for a minute I'd miss the birth, due to a trip, but God heard my prayers and I was able to experience the wonderful occasion. He joins my darling little niece, Zoe Belle. I'm quite the proud auntie.

Let's get back to business...

Christmas in July SALE

I will briefly discuss this topic, partly due to me being so exhausted from this sale and it's over. First of all, if you purchased something in our Christmas in July SALE, thank you! Also, thank you for your patience in the delays. This is our absolute biggest sale of the year. It's a time where we mark 80% of our shop down HALF OFF. I've mentioned a couple times on facebook about shipping and turnarounds during our sales, but for the purpose of hopefully making everybody aware, I'm going to mention it here as well.

All of our items are made to order, which means that we don't make them until you order them. We do keep some pre-prepped materials in our studio, but that's not always the case. The fact that we offer most of our shop at HALF OFF with made to order items, is a huge deal. Hundreds of orders come through during this sale. I try to only put in the shop, what I know I have available, but situations do arise, where we run out of materials, fabric, etc. When this happens, I have to place orders with my suppliers. Depending on the location of where my suppliers are (some are overseas), delays can happen. This being the case, this sale. We were able to get a large majority of orders out in a timely manner, but there were still quite a few that were on backorder and it put us behind about a week, give or take a few days. I try my very best to communicate with all customers, via etsy convo or email, but there are times when a couple slip through the cracks. I'm not perfect, I'm sorry : /. With each purchase, a note is included in the invoice, which states our shipping policies. Unfortunately, a lot of customers don't read this and email us in a tizzy because their orders have not arrived yet. It's very important that if you do purchase from us on etsy that you do read the invoice. Also, our projected shipping timelines are approximates.

With, all this being said, I'm planning on revamping our Christmas in July SALE, next year and even the holiday sales that will take place later this year. I'm not too sure what the changes will be, but there's a possibility they will only be extended to those on our mailing list. I feel like some customers don't understand the policies regarding our sales, which then prompts concerns, complaints and negative feedback, resulting in delays, which could easily be cleared up, if policies are read and understood. I love offering sales, but due to the misunderstanding of some, I'm not sure if I want to open my business up to negativity. Hopefully, this makes sense and doesn't come across as rude. I'm only being honest.

Hopefully, I've clarified the policies and info regarding our sales and we are working on making them run a little smoother in the future : )

Fall Collection 2011

Ahhh! So, excited about this collection. I've been brainstorming through the summer and I really hope everybody likes what I have in store. I will begin debuting this collection, Wednesday (tomorrow), August 17th. I've contemplated on how much to debut tomorrow and throughout the week, considering that there are a few pieces that will not be available to preview until next week and possibly the following week. Just a few pieces, but nonetheless. So, I've decided to break things down, like this...

Wednesday, August 17th
Fall Collection Headbands

Thursday, August 18th
Jersey Bands and It's a Wrap

Friday, August 19th
Shoe Candy
Black & White by Dainty Button (Boys and Men)

And a few little surprises, thrown in there, somewhere : )

As mentioned above, there will be other pieces added next week, as well.


Let the fun begin!

We will be kicking off our Fall Collection with giveaways. This is a custom we follow, when we debut a new collection and you don't want to miss it! You can get details on our giveaways via facebook and twitter (@daintybutton).

Mailing Listing

I've kind of neglected our mailing list the past few weeks, but neglect no more! If you're not on our mailing list, YOU SHOULD BE! This is a wonderful opportunity to get special promos, info and sneak peeks of our upcoming collections. It's absolutely FREE and super EASY! We only need your email address and you're on it! We usually send out special emails prior to a collection debut, during the holidays and sales. If you're not on our mailing list and would like to be, provide your email address in the comment section, below or email us at daintybutton@yahoo.com and we'll make sure you're put on the list. 

I think this is a wrap, for now, but look for special blogs this week, regarding our collection debut and I hope you'll check it all out! 

@ Dainty Button

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