Friday, June 24, 2011

Summertime and Summer Sales

It's summertime, Friday and I'm ready to relax! How about you? Got any special summertime plans? Vacations? I love hearing about people's summer plans. Not that it matters, but I just returned from a little vacation, myself. I like to think of it as a sort of vacation, but in all reality, it wasn't much of one. It was work. Well, the first part, at least. My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary over Father's Day weekend, and decided to renew their wedding vows. In Missouri. So, we all made the trip to Southeast Missouri (Cape Girardeau) to witness this special occasion. This was a big trip for everybody, considering my grandparents have 6 children, my dad being the oldest, their spouses, 16 grandchildren and 1.5 great grandchildren. Throw in their own siblings, cousins, friends, etc. and you have the makings of one big celebration. It was a lot of fun, but I'll be honest. I was happy to see 60 degree weather and a little bit of fog when I came home on Wednesday. Here's a few pictures from the celebration

My grandparents and 14 of their grandchildren, 1.5 great grandchildren.

They asked for Dainty Button's help with the corsages.

I got the honors.

My sweet grandpa Morgan.

Again, the honors.

My darling little grandma Morgan.

And of course, I was able to spend Father's Day with my own daddy.
He sure is a mighty fine one!

Our entire family is from Missouri, so we visit occasionally. Every trip, we make it a point to swing by Lambert's. Have you ever eaten at a Lambert's? Oh my! If not, you're missing out! Forget about all diets when you go! It's good ol' southern cooking and home of the thrown rolls. They throw rolls at you. These huge, bready, buttery, soft, HOT rolls! They're to die for!! And so, this trip we made TWO stops! Ha!

My little brother and I, after catching our yummy rolls!

Look at this gigantic caesar salad!

My siblings and I, second trip to Lambert's. Isn't my sister darling, pregnant? She's due in about 5 weeks.  A trooper!

And I had to throw this picture in. My little cousin, sporting a Cat in the Hat Bow Tie Just precious!

We headed back to Memphis for a couple days and we were able to visit a place we've all been wanting to, for a long time. Graceland! I love Elvis, as does my entire family, so this was a special treat. Here's a few pictures from our fun visit.

Beautiful front living room of Graceland.

I loved this, although we weren't allowed to go upstairs : (

The kitchen, that was left just the way it was found when Elvis died. See the stool in the middle of the room? And that skillet? 

 One of his memorabilia room's. We spent a long time in here reading all the fun facts.

My beautiful mom and I, in front of Graceland's pool. This was inviting in that Memphis heat!

This is the piano that Elvis played the morning he died.

Very sad ending.


The Lisa Marie jet plane.

And so, that is trip #1 this summer. 

Back to business!

I have had many sales and they've all been a great hit. I have scaled back a little on the sales, due to many reasons, but two sales that are coming up are:

Customer Appreciation Sale
Christmas in July Sale

These are two pretty large sales, which will be the only large sales until the holiday season hits. I will have smaller sales throughout the rest of the year, but nothing on a large scale. Here's details on the two upcoming sales.

Customer Appreciation Sale...

I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time. After a year and a half in business, I have some very faithful customers that have shown their support from the very beginning. They have returned, without fail and showed support by referring family and friends. This is wonderful for any business and it means the world to me. So, I must show my appreciation! This sale will be a little different. This is a sale exclusive to our returning customers throughout the past year and a half and those that have referred family and friends. An email blast will be sent out with a sale promo code that you can redeem during the sale. The sale begins on Tuesday, June 28th and ends Thursday, June 30th. Don't worry, we have records of all email addresses related to all etsy purchases, so being on our mailing list is not a must. Although, we'd love for you to be : ) Look for this email blast to go out by Monday morning, June 27th. Hope to see you at our Customer Appreciation SALE!

Christmas in July SALE...

This sale is one of our larger sales. This is a time when we're clearing out all of our summer inventory and preparing for Back to School and Fall. This sale is open to everybody and a code will be posted in our shop that you can use. This sale will take place July 29th to 31st. A few rules that apply to our sales:

1. Custom orders are not available. The choice of a wide/skinny band is available, as well as white/black. These are the only exceptions.
2. Sale items are not shipped out until 7-10 business days after purchased.
3. All sales are FINAL.
4. If you don't see an item in our shop, that means it's not available.

Please keep in mind, that items you may be waiting for to be on sale now, may not be in the sale. There are items that are limited, such as patriotic and nautical, special limited editions, etc. that will not be available during the sale.

Coming Monday morning, I have a fun series that Dainty Button will be launching and interested in hosting a Dainty Button Trunk Show in your area? Details are coming Monday!

Hope to see everybody during these fun sales and enjoy your summer!

Dainty Button

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