Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Fever

Spring. One of my favorite seasons. I'm so sick of wearing boots and stockings, bundled up in layers, I welcome it with open arms. All of the bright and pastel colors make me happy. I get excited walking by a store window, seeing all the beautiful, bright array of colors, wanting to buy that cute little cardigan in every color, except black.

And so I thought, it was a great time to introduce Dainty Button's "Spring Fever" pendants. This isn't something new. It happens to be one of my very first designs, but just doesn't seem to get old and those that are new faces always seem to find delight in this cute accessory piece. I wear them quite often and I do believe every lady, excluding a few, in my church has a collection of these and occassionally we'll all show up wearing them. They really are alot of fun. They go with everything! A t-shirt, sweater, blazer, even on a denim jacket. One girl I know put them on her purse. I personally wear them clustered together and every time I do, someone asks me, "where did you get your flowers?". They think it comes together. Amazing things happen when you grab a handful of cute little felt flower pendants and cluster them together : ) And so, I'd like to share with everyone! Enjoy! And yes, Dainty Button does provide them in every color!

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