Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My life story. I'm always late. I think I can only count on one hand, the number of times I've been early. On time? Yes, I've managed that. Early? The earth shook and angels sang the handful of times I actually was EARLY. Late should've been my middle name. I've tried numerous things to cure this problem. Setting my alarm 3 hours before I'm scheduled to be up, getting ready two hours before an event. I even tried sleeping in my clothes one time. Something always tends to pop up, resulting in me being late. I think it's hereditary. I was always a late student. Class, field trips, High School graduation. Yes, that too. I remember frantically rushing inside the door in cap and gown, almost killing myself in 5 inch heels, as my friends were waving me on to get in line. I still fight bitter feelings of not being the student with "perfect attendance". Shoot! If I got "punctuality" student of the year, I'd think I'd won the Nobel prize.

Once again, late today. I even set my alarm early and succeeded in actually getting up when it went off, instead of hitting "snooze" 5.5 times before I drug my body out of bed. I got my workout in. Ate my nutritious, healthy breakfast. A little devotion. And still late. Frantically pulling out of my driveway, my car squealing like a little mouse that's dying a horrible death. (Someday I will listen to my dad and get the belt changed.) And I am welcomed to rain. No, mist. Wonderful, California rain. The mi-, I mean rain, that results in drivers losing all sanity and risking killing everybody that takes the chance in taking to the roads. Rushing into work, I sit down and breathe. I might look like a halfway drowned rat, my socks don't match, actually, I think they're my brother's? I think I brushed my teeth this morning. Yes, I did. Whew! But, hey! I'm here! Better late, than never, right?

But is God really pleased with my tardiness? Is it being a good example and reflection of a good Christian? He's never late. Right on time and even early, but never late. So, if He can do it, running the entire universe, healing the sick, raising the dead, helping those in need, and the list goes on, why can't I be on time? My little morning ritual and busy schedule really dim in comparison to the Man upstairs. I think if He can do it, I sure can!


  1. ha! girl. Somethings just are what they are. I've learned to embrace my disorganization and messiness {the two things that drive my husband CRAZY}. I try soooo very hard, but for some reason, I never can conquer it.

    I guess it just means that we are imperfect people in need of a perfect Saviour! :)

    LOVE your blog! Welcome! I'm following. :)

  2. Funny because I HATE to be late and usually try to get someplace early. So now that I have kids I'm trying to iron their clothes the day before church, but it's a challenge getting there early sometimes. Oh well, we're only human! Reminds us not to judge others....