Thursday, June 28, 2012


Good evening, everybody! I will get straight to the point with this post and give you the details regarding our POP UP SALES...

We love doing POP UP SALES. Why? Because it gives our customers an opportunity to purchase items at low prices. In case you're new to our POP UP SALES, here's how we've managed them in the past...

We'll post items on our FB fan page, price, quantity, size (if applicable to clothing) and retail/shipping cost. The first to comment with their email address receives an invoice via PayPal. If there's 5 available, the first 5 will receive an invoice and so on. The individual has 12 HOURS to take care of the invoice, otherwise it will be voided and reissued to the next individual waiting in the comment section. This is a "first come first serve" type of sale. This has worked for the most part but I'll be very honest with you, it's a lot of work to manage invoices and to send them, especially on really large sales. For the most part we do a good job of staying on top of invoices and getting orders out but there are cases in which we simply overlook an invoice because the volume of sales is so high. Another issue is people do not pay their invoices and when we go to cancel the invoice, we get an email shortly after asking if we can reissue it. Overall, these are great sales and we love offering them to our customers but we're going to make a couple changes that will benefit everyone. We're moving our POP UP SALES to our etsy shop. We will directly post the links onto our FB wall so our fans can see what's being offered, they can click on the link and purchase. Ordering through etsy allows you to choose the number of items you want with combined shipping and allows us to efficiently manage orders as they come in avoiding any cases of unpaid invoices, upset customers and overlooked transactions, resulting in delayed orders. 

How do I purchase on etsy? It seems difficult.

Etsy is a great place to purchase items and it's very easy to get a username. You simply register for a username and you're set to go. Etsy does allow third party transactions, as well. The benefits of ordering through etsy are:

1. You can email us directly regarding your order.
2. You can track your order.
3. You can purchase all items together at once with combined shipping.
4. There's no fighting over who gets what.


We happen to have a selection of fabulous patriotic scarves. These will be shipped tomorrow afternoon, priority, in order for you to receive by the 4th of July. Please note, this is only on what we tag as patriotic. All other scarves will be shipped within a week's time. 

Will we see you tomorrow in our etsy shop for our Scarf POP UP SALE? I hope so! Look for the links to be posted on our FB wall tomorrow beginning at 10 AM (PST). We strongly recommend you to sign up for a username tonight so you can purchase right away tomorrow. Good luck!

Charity and DB Team

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